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Frequently Questions ?

Stars Hotel

What do hotel stars mean?

The number of stars indicates the standard and amenities that you can expect in a hotel. The more stars there are, the more luxurious the condition

Room hotel

Different types of hotel rooms

Hotel rooms may be divided due to the number and type of beds :
Single room (SGL) – Twin for sole use – Twin room – Double room (DBL) – Triple – Quad – Dormitory rooms –


Types of breakfast

In different hotels around the world you can find various kinds of breakfast. It’s worth checking the breakfast offer during the booking process

- Various types of the accommodation -

The hotel has a minimum of ten rooms. The majority of the rooms must be single or double. The hotels should provide a wide variety of services related to the stay of the guests, including catering service. Deals on Hotel
A type of small hotel located by the road. Such facilities must offer parking spaces. The motel must have a minimum of ten rooms, consisting mainly of single and double rooms. It should also provide a catering service. Motels are located mostly on the outskirts and by the major motorways.
Guarded facilities, where guests can stay in the tents, cars or caravans. On the campsite, guests may prepare the meals and park the cars. Some facilities offer guests the option of sleeping in the bungalows (camping houses).
Tourist house
Accommodation establishment providing basic services related to the guests’ stay. They can accommodate a minimum of 30 people.

Youth hostel
Accommodation facilities offering stay for youth.
Camping field
The accommodation facility offering stays in tents, but unlike the camping sites, they are not guarded.
Boutique hotel
Elegant, luxurious facilities, often located in historic buildings. They provide hotel services at the top-notch level, often with 5-star hotel standards. Usually, they are small, intimate, with a unique design, and are often historical.
The hostel is cheaper and offers lower standards than a hotel. Its main feature is the offer of the multi-person rooms (from three to nine beds or even more), usually with the shared bathroom in the hall. Guests may also use the shared kitchen, where they can prepare their meals, or they can spend the time in the TV room. Nowadays many hostels offer single and double rooms, sometimes with a private bathroom. These rooms are much more expensive than the multi-person ones. They are supposed to resemble youth hostels, but unlike them, they are always private property and do not have such strict rules.
Small holiday houses, usually wooden, with a roof covered with palm leaves in exotic countries. Bungalows are often located next to the beach, and they have a porch with a sea-view.
Farms offering stay for tourists. There are mainly family-run companies, giving guests a chance to spend time in the countryside in an active way. Often this kind of leisure is related to, for example, field work.