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Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works ?


On top of the website, enter your origin and destination. Start typing the name of the places and select the right one from the list. Then pick a travel date, return date (or choose One way) and the number of passengers in your group.
Now you click on the green button ‘Find Tickets’. Important: always click on “Find tickets” after you have changed the date/departure/destination.
The next page will contain all the available trips bus tickets cheap sorted by departure time, departure point and means of transport.

Ticket Confirmation Process

Bus Tickets online : These are sent to your email address when they are confirmed by the operator.
There are two types of confirmations: instant and manual.
Operators who confirm bookings instantly are connected to our systems directly, confirmation is done automatically shortly after booking has been placed. Such operators have an instant badge (little lightning icon) on their trips.
Operators that are not connected to our systems directly confirm bookings manually, meaning, a staff worker at their end will go through all the bookings and confirm the bus tickets prices one by one. As you can imagine, this process is more time consuming, and it will take longer for such bookings to become confirmed. Operators who employ this system have specific deadlines for confirmation your bus tickets cheap. For example, some promise to confirm the booking within 24 hours after it has been placed but no earlier than 3 weeks before the departure date etc. If you place booking months and months in advance, it may take several months as well to receive the confirmation of your trip.

Payments & Refund

Can I receive refund for my tickets ?

It depends on many factors. Some operators allow refunds, while others don’t. There is a deadline for refunds if they are possible.
When making a booking, please check the cancellation rules for each operator/trip by clicking on the “Cancellation” tab during the checkout.
After you’ve made your booking, you can check the available refund options on our support form below. Click on “Open support case”, enter your booking ID and your email address and choose the option “I want to cancel my trip”.

How can I pay ?

You can pay with your credit card. Enter the details of your card, it is quite easy. If the card is not accepted (for whatever reason) you may try the same card with the PayPal option. You do not need to have a PayPal account.
If you have a PayPal account, just use it. It is a very safe and easy way to pay for our services and in case you need a refund, this can be done instantly.
After a successful payment, a receipt will be instantly sent to your email. Read More